Pocket Peelers
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the history of Pocket Peelers? The state of Wisconsin joined MCC PEELERS in October of 1997, developing the distributorship of Pocket Peelers, Inc.  Their business is located in Wauwatosa.  Owners Brian & Nancy Leahy are proud to have assisted groups in Southeastern Wisconsin raise over $6,500,000 in much needed funds. 2. Do you work with any size group? Yes! Pocket Peelers has no requirement regarding the size of your group. They have worked with as few as 2 members of a sports team trying to raise money to go to Europe, to groups as large as 2500 members raising funds for a new sports complex. 3. Are there any up-front costs? That depends on which sales option you choose.  The consignment program does not require any up front payment and has a 50 card minimum.  The cash and carry program requires payment when you receive your cards and has a 20 card minimum. 4. Can we return unsold cards? Yes! If your group selects the consignment option, they realistically estimate the number of cards required to achieve your financial goal. Upon the completion of the sale, any cards that are in perfect, re-sellable condition may be returned. This means cards not folded, creased, or peeled in any way. You are invoiced only for the amount of cards your group sell. (50 card minimum required) 5. Can we order more Pocket Peeler cards if we need them?  Yes! Additional cards are usually available immediately. Many groups may underestimate the marketability of the Pocket Peelers card and elect during the sale to exceed their goal. This is allowed provided it does not exceed a distribution agreement with other fund raising organizations and local merchants in the market area. You may also elect to purchase stock to keep on hand for ongoing sales throughout the year. 6. Are there lots of groups selling Pocket Peelers cards? Unlike other fund raising products, Pocket Peelers is committed to limiting distribution in a market area. We time the start dates of our group sales very carefully, and allocate a specific number of cards for a given community. When we have reached our maximum limit of cards for an area, product will not be available for up to 6 months until those sales are completed. The quantity of Pocket Peelers cards and sale dates are allocated strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. The philosophy is simple: we want our groups to have the most successful sale possible by maintaining a strong demand. 7. Can groups design a custom cover for a Pocket Peelers card? Custom covers are available to groups for a small additional charge. This is a perfect way to highlight a specific cause your group is raising funds for; i.e. a soccer club project, and any other great ideas you may come up with. Due to the custom nature of these cards, your group does have to make a committed purchase of 1000 cards. A nominal artwork charge may apply. 8. Which locations of the featured merchants will redeem my coupon?  Each Pocket Peelers card has a specific area listed on the front of the card where the card can be redeemed.  For example if you have a 4- County card, you can redeem your offers at any location throughout the counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington or Ozaukee. To the very best of our knowledge we have agreements with all merchants within county boundaries. On rare occasion a merchant might sell his franchise to another owner. Our agreements are transferable. 9. What are the advantages of fundraising with Pocket Peelers over other alternatives?                                                                                As fundraisers go, you’ve probably tried them all…candy, pizza, gift-wrap, magazines.  It’s a fact that most fundraisers involve selling items that you can buy just about anywhere…usually paying a bit more than you would at the corner store to show your support.  Take one look at this fundraising product and ask yourself if you’d buy one.  We think you would.  Simply put, use a Pocket Peeler one to three times and you will get your money back.