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The Merchants
Why Advertise With Pocket Peelers? Pocket Peelers is a no cost promotion with a 10 to 1 redemption rate over any other coupon program. This full color, professional product is sold exclusively by non-profit groups as a fundraiser. It includes a measurable tracking system with legitimate tax advantages, and built in add-on sales to justify your participation. Pocket Peelers is a proven sales & traffic builder and widely considered consumer friendly & convenient.   From a community perspective, Pocket Peelers is a strong public relations vehicle with an effective means of positioning your business as an area leader in community affairs. It allows your business to support youth groups and other non-profit organizations without actual out-of-pocket costs or sponsorship fees. The customer always has your logo in their pocket, wallet or purse and is continuously reminded of your support and community involvement.  The value of a program like this as a public relations tool alone is incalculable.   Unlike bulky coupon books there is limited space available, only 32 spots per card. We intentionally limit distribution to not exceed 10% of the population in a given community. That results in maintaining high consumer demand and prevents groups from selling in an oversaturated area.   From an operational point of view there is not a more cost effective or efficient means of executing a traffic building promotion. All of the work is done for you. Your job, should you decide, is to track the number of redemptions and average the tickets as this will help refine future offers. We also can assist you in creating comprehensive instructions for your cashier staff and the distribution of those materials.   Since there is no cost to promote your business with us, we ask for your most aggressive offer designed to lure the customer from your competitor’s store into your store. Instead of incurring newspaper, direct mail, or TV advertising costs to drive traffic, we suggest you put those dollars in great offers where consumers really appreciate it. We recognize the offer has to make fiscal sense or it’s simply not worth it. Our consultants will advise you of striking the right balance for your business.   As an alternative to declining the numerous donation requests that are received daily, many participating advertisers refer non-profit groups to Pocket Peelers to raise funds as this makes for a smart community relations maneuver.   Whether you’re in Marketing or Accounting, it all adds up to a great program. The coupon tracking system will prove the program’s financial worthiness. When worked properly, the numbers reveal its effectiveness.   People love Pocket Peelers. The contributing consumer wins, the participating business wins, and the group raising needed money wins. It’s a total community effort where everybody benefits.
Looking to thank someone for helping you save or raise money? Look no further.