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Getting Started is Painless and Simple

Getting started begins with a simple phone call to our office at 414-259-1442.  What we need to know to set up your sale is:   1. Your name, address, phone number, and number of sellers in your group. 2. The type of sale you are planning on conducting;  consignment or cash & carry. Consignment option is for 50 or more sellers. The options page will guide you in your choice selection. 3. When setting up a consignment sale, you’ll need to know the exact date you want to start or hand out materials. 4. We ask you a series of questions and draft a copy of a parent letter for your review. 5. We e-mail you 2 documents; one is your group agreement outlining your sale dates with how many cards, the second is a copy of your parent letter for your approval. 6. You sign the agreement, approve the parent letter and fax or email back to our office. 7. We print the required number of parent letters and collate that with an order-taker and collection envelope for each seller. 8. Your materials may be picked up or shipped FREE to your home, office or group location. 9. You distribute a sales packet to each seller and you are ready to begin! For qualifying groups we can design a website to help sell cards via email link for your cause, like this!

Wrapping Up Your Sale 

1. Remove cash or checks from each envelope, one at a time, and balance the money with the number of cards on the order taker. For example: 8 cards on order should equal $80 in funds. 2. Make sure sellers name is on the envelope and matches the name on order taker. If order taker balances put it back in the envelope and put the number of cards ordered on the outside of the envelope. For example: 7-R/K, 1-4C and circle it. 3. Write that number down on a ledger or spreadsheet. You can always go t this link and download an excel spreadsheet. Or, go to this link and print out sheets for manual entry. 4. Add up all the cards and provide us a total for each card.  Call or write us with that number and we'll send it out right away. 5. Once you receive the cards put the number and type of card in each envelope. If the seller has sold 10 give them a free card which we will supply based on your total order. If you sold 500 cards you will receive 50 free ones, not all of which will be earned by the sellers. Any extras are yours to do with what you would like. 6. Distribute cards back to the sellers (or their parents) making sure they know not to loose them. The sellers are now required to distribute the cards to their customers.             
Getting Started - Wrapping It Up